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Sandi Notredame


"Travelling, field hockey and playing golf in beautiful locations are my hobbies. Although I am an extremely proud Kiwi (New Zealander), 20 years of my life was spent living overseas! During that time I travelled extensively with my husband & two children. On most of my trips overseas, I always managed to schedule some time in New Zealand. Seeing ones own country through the eyes of a tourist gives a whole different perspective on things and I fell in love with the amazing and varied scenery all over again. So when I finally managed to return home in 2004 we immediately launched Amazing New Zealand Itinerariries to assist overseas visitors to plan the best vacation possible. This is an extremely rewarding job for me, my favourite part is proof-reading just before the final print, knowing what an amazing vacation my client is about to have!" 

Founder & Managing Director

Summer Notredame


"My passions are field hockey and travel. I have a Bachelors Degree in International Tourism Management from Auckland University of Technology. I have been working for Amazing New Zealand Itineraries since 2016 and nothing beats the feeling of receiving glowing feedback knowing my clients have had an AMAZING time for something I created for them. Best part of the job is trying out all the new excursions before our clients do!" 

Vacation Coordinator

lode Notredame

6-Panekire Bluff hike14, Lake Waikaremoa

"I was born in Belgium where I ran a company specialising in day-tours to the Flanders Fields WW1 battlefields. In 2004 I immigrated with my Kiwi wife, Sandi to New Zealand. Now I am a professional tour guide around New Zealand and have been a driver-guide multiple times for English and Dutch speaking small groups (between 2 and 18 pax).  When not touring New Zealand, I assist in the office with the bookkeeping, voucher and map making. So I suppose you could call me the PA! My other hobbies include travelling, football (soccer) and playing golf. In 2018 I proudly became a New Zealand citizen."

Founder & Tour Guide
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